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Stainless Steel Panels for New Polypack HQ

Polypack Inc.Pinellas Park, FLPanel profile: S-16 (11,000 sf)Stainless steel, 22gaArchitect: Wannemacher Jenson Architects

You might find it odd that adjacent to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is Polypack Inc. headquarters, a company that manufactures shrink wrapping equipment.  But it is actually fitting that the two are next to each other considering that cars and plastic were two major inventions of the early 1900's that sparked the industrial growth of the United States and continue to do so today. So much so, that Polpack Inc headquarters, founded in 1973, recently underwent an extension project incorporating Morin panels. 

Polypack Inc. uses stainless steel to manufacture all their machines which provide packaging solutions to companies all over the world ranging from beverage companies to cosmetic companies. It's no wonder why then, WJ Architects selected stainless steel as the material for the exterior panels of their expansion. There is no coating on the stainless s…

Award Winning Stanford Central Energy Facility

Stanford Central Energy FacilityZGF ArchitectsPanel profiles: F-12 (30,000 sf) perforated and nonperforated35.45% OA 1/4 x 5/32 20.85% OA .0326 x 5/32 11.82% OA .433 x 5/32 W-12 (16,000 sf) perforated and nonperforated Aluminum, stainless steel
Stanford University’s new Central Energy Facility is transforming the university into a leader of clean and efficient energy production. The facility uses progressive energy production technologies like solar panels and a heat-recovery system to power the campus. Replacing a fossil-fuel based plant, the facility will cut carbon emissions by 68%, fossil fuel use by 65% and water use by 15%. It will eliminate 150,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually and is expected to save $425 million over 35 years. (Source: But not only is the facility impressive in it’s function, it is also impressive by architectural standards.

In 2017 the Stanford Central Energy Facility was honored by the A…

Project Profile - Guilford HS

Project Name: Guilford High School
Panel Profile: SLR-10,12,16 24ga
Bare copper 20,000 sf
Architect: Tai Soo Kim Partners

When it was time for Guilford High School to receive a complete makeover, the school board contacted the architects at Tai Soo Kim Partners for design ideas.

They wanted the walls to be made up of metal panels with varying widths and sleek standing seam appearance. They decided on Morin’s SLR panel profile with 10, 12, and 16 inch widths using bare copper metal.

The major challenge during installation was meeting the required wind loading for the copper panels. The clip spacing is 1’0” oc. When the panels first went up, they oil-canned excessively.

Wes Bonney of Morin states that it actually “brought some real life and character to the wall”. We have pictures of the panels right after installation and after three years of aging. The aging process gave the panels a natural rusty look with beautiful weather spots and copper accents. The oil canning is not apparent and p…