Morintegrated - Design Like a Kid Again

At Morin, we recognize that when you choose to design with Single Skin Metal, it's to get a particular look.  Our job is to convert those CAD concepts into metal reality.

We understand that choosing a Color and Profile for a building is a part of the signature look. Over the years, we have seen the evolution and increase of using multiple profiles and combining colorsfor a specific effect.

We saw more demand for combining profiles, we wanted to expand our offering to match that demand. We wanted to give Architects a large simple palette of profiles to use with an infinite color selection.

To that end, we share three concepts.

Morinnovative & Morintegrated  - We took our strongest and most popular joinery system and made it slightly better. We then took many of our most popular profiles from other series and added them to Matrix and Integrity compatible series. Adding to that, we are launching the new Pulse Series, with angular looks in the fall of 2018.

Morinspiring - The net re…

Varying Perforation Pattern Technique Provides Sun Shading System

The Roger A. and Helen B. Krone Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB Krone) opened in 2015. It was built with the intention of creating a space where Georgia Tech engineers and scientists can work together on new medical technologies and curing diseases. Much like bees - or Yellow Jackets - the mascot of Georgia Tech, work together in a hive.
It is possible that design architect, Lake Flato, and local architect Cooper Carry considered this when creating the building design. The EBB is a brick building with glass windows shaded by a perforated metal sunscreen surrounded by trees, walking paths, and a garden. The sunscreen, with perforated zinc panels, has a honeycomb effect close up. From a distance, the 5- story building appears to be a giant beehive of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets busily working together to make sweet scientific discoveries.
The building is LEED Certified and has won multiple awards. (Shown below). The customer was Peachtree Protective Covers and the project manager was…

Tallest Residential Tower in Denver Nestles Into Confluence Park

Sitting on a tightly zoned piece of land between a river and a creek is a new ultra-luxury high-rise residential tower that soars 375 feet into the skies of Denver, Colorado. The Confluence Tower, named after Confluence Park where it resides, was completed in late summer of 2017. Attached to the base of the 35-story tower, is a 4-story building with residences connected to a 6-story structure with more apartments. Each of these buildings utilizes various building materials like glass and masonry but features metal panels from Morin. 
The tower’s historical location has many advantages. It is right in the middle of Confluence Park which is filled with bike trails and pedestrian paths, trees and grassy areas. As the tallest residential building in Denver, it has some of best views of the mile-high city.
But such an ideal location does not come at a small price. There were many challenges that came with the 52,000-square-foot piece of land. The zoning lines were very restrictive - only 10…

Onsite SymmeTry Roof Panel Roll Forming

Morin SymmeTry Roof Series- our newest line of roof panels. It is a mechanically seamed structural roof system that is both symmetrical and hydrostatic by design. It has many advantages from easy installation to design features:
Symmetrical panels that can be installed in any direction, beginning from anywhereMechanically sealed watertight capVertical legs ranging from 1.5"-3"Easy replacement in case of damageCan be formed up to 300' at the job siteCopes with thermal expansion and contraction by sliding over roof clips rather than affixing to them. Can be a system to cover existing roofs with insulation in between to increase R-value. 3/8" offset of attachment clips saves energy by lowering overall temperature of roof envelopeSystem has undergone extensive testing with positive resultsClick here to read more about Morin's Symmetry Roofing System.

The SymmeTry Roofing System is the latest roofing system that meets all the requirements of a great roofing system. We …

Folded Zinc Panels in One Henry Adams, A Multi-Family Residence in Design District, South San Francisco

One Henry Adams- Multi-Family Residence in Design District, South San Francisco featuring FOLDED ZINC PANELS

Location: 1 Henry Adams St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Profiles: Custom 1" reveal panels, Morzip
Substrate: Zinc
Building a new structure that spans an entire 1.65 acre block in a historical neighborhood like Showplace Square is no easy task. Instead of trying to mimic a 100 year old building, BAR Architects went with a simple design for One Henry Adams, a multi-family residential and retail structure owned by Equity Residential. One Henry Adams features clean lines composed of building materials like zinc, steel, brick, timber, and glass that give the buildings urban character while preserving the historical essence of the surrounding neighborhood. The $164.4M project located in the Design District of South San Francisco opened to residents in November 2016. It consists of two buildings separated by a public walkway with art structures and garden spaces intended to integrate the…

Case Study: Ent Center for the Arts at a University of Colorado- Colorado Springs

Ent Center for the Arts at University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Location:  5225 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 Profiles: MX-1.0,  Morin Flatsheet, F 12S Substrate: Galvalume 20 ga In August 2015, groundbreaking began for the new $60 million state-of-the-art performing arts center for University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The center is named the Ent Center for the Arts after the university’s partnership with the Ent Federal Credit Union. The center is expected to open in January 2018 and house 4 different theaters along with other art spaces- the first 92,000 square foot structure capable of doing so. One of the challenges that dictated the design of the building was the strict acoustic engineering requirements for each theater.  The architects that worked on the design were New York based H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture along with local Denver based Semple Brown Design. The general contractor J.E. Dunn was brought into the planning of the center 2 years before con…

George Steinbrenner Field, Brand New Yankees Spring Training Facility

Morin Case Study: George Steinbrenner Field- Yankees Spring Training Facility Location: Tampa, FL
Architect: Populous, Kansas City, MO
Panel Profiles: SWL-16, F-12-0, F-12-3
Material: Galvalume, 20ga, 24ga Just in time for their next training season, the New York Yankee’s spring training facility in Tampa, Florida received a $40 million upgrade. The facility hasn’t had any major work done on it in a decade. What used to be a baseball field with the bare necessities- seats and a few concessions- is now an impressive stadium with new seats, cabanas, and a full concourse filled with interactive spaces. 
One of the new additions is a 2-story gift shop. It is easily spotted next to the George Steinbrenner Tribute statue, covered in long, straight, blinding white F-12 panels. There are approximately 9,700 sf of 20ga galvalume F-12 panels. The color is called Regal White. Even though some of the panels are almost 100 ft long, no oil canning is visible. What is visible is a giant Yankees top h…